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FRINGE DIARY 2011: That Strangest of Loves

…Within about ten minutes of the preview starting one of our actors was somehow bleeding gently from the face. And we kept going. And the audience thought it was makeup and stayed with us. And we took them to a place that I don’t think anyone expected to end up.

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While this journey glances on Yang’s photojournalist work, the real emphasis is on his relationships with the people. There are many anecdotes and tales of personal struggles, many corners to explore of this world as he follows the lives of more than a few seminal figures in art, theatre and literature.

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Happy Days


Belvoir St Theatre, November 2009
This is not theatre as you know it.

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It Shouldn’t Make Sense (but it does)

Run: A Performance Engine
De Quincey Company – Bay 20, Carriageworks, August 2009

There are strange echoes of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis in this work of physical theatre, reminding us of the mechanisation of humanity and our complex, precarious relationship with technology…

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Born to Be Fringe: New-Old Theatre Space in Sydney

a low-key launch lead by the always charming Lex Marinos & a barefoot Lesley Watson (ACTT college founder) had a truly Bohemian edge suited to the scope – Imagine- where anything is possible. The festival heralded over 80 submissions from artists …

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Break Down Your Creative Process

…as you go about the day-to-day writing and research stages, through the diligence of drafting, researching and developing your work there will come that moment of clarity when a good idea will mutate into something far more inspirational.

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Elizabethan, Expressionist, Epic Theatre at its Finest

…far more than a tale of bloodthirsty ambition and civil war. Director Benedict Andrews uses the text as a lever with which to pry open and peer into the darker depths of power, civilisation and war.

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Nailing That Audition – a 5 step guide

There’s no point in having all that preparation and discussion if you can’t change it all around in rehearsal. And that’s really what they want to see – how will you cope in the rehearsal room? Have you got what it takes?

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in the face of marked media indifference to a vibrant arts scene this tiny chink of light we call 5thwall is born – to bring back proper arts discussion unhindered by marketing interests and call to account the insipid cultural gatekeeping of the media at large.

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