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Bay 20, Carriageworks, June 2010
presented by Performance Space

WARNING: This review contains foul language, references to eighties music, and personal tales of male bonding. It hardly talks about the work at all.

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While this journey glances on Yang’s photojournalist work, the real emphasis is on his relationships with the people. There are many anecdotes and tales of personal struggles, many corners to explore of this world as he follows the lives of more than a few seminal figures in art, theatre and literature.

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In 1976, Mike Mullins, returning from a Grotowski workshop in Poland with the master’s words in his ears urging him to find a theatre that was his, set on a journey that has fundamentally shifted the theatrical landscape in Sydney, indeed; Australia.

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Boldly Going Where Words Cannot

REVIEW: The Curiosities

Performance Space, November 2009

…this ensemble under the choreography of Sue Healey are committed to the creation of such a thing to scrutinise emotional states at an almost cellular level. What is the biological makeup of Heartbreak? Or Joy? Or Freedom?

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Time Out Steps Up to Recognise Independent Arts

one doesn’t think of their reviews as being anything approaching critical, the words “gushing praise” spring to mind when it comes to just about anything they write.

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“Pain and Embarrassment For Everyone Concerned”

This Kind Of Ruckus

Version 1.0, Bay 20 – Carriageworks, September 2009

presented by Performance Space

If there’s one issue that Australian culture seems locked in struggle with, it’s sexual politics. It’s been a bumper year for scandal – although every year seems to herald some new shocking act of sexual violence unto our headlines…

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It Shouldn’t Make Sense (but it does)

Run: A Performance Engine
De Quincey Company – Bay 20, Carriageworks, August 2009

There are strange echoes of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis in this work of physical theatre, reminding us of the mechanisation of humanity and our complex, precarious relationship with technology…

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Born to Be Fringe: New-Old Theatre Space in Sydney

a low-key launch lead by the always charming Lex Marinos & a barefoot Lesley Watson (ACTT college founder) had a truly Bohemian edge suited to the scope – Imagine- where anything is possible. The festival heralded over 80 submissions from artists …

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Do Not Feed The Automatons

The five robots on display at the Performance Space exhibit The Hosts will interact, speak and ‘improvise’ with their audience. Each has their own personality – complete with immaculate costume and distinctive voice – creating a sense of the alien living amongst us.

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