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…Paul Gilchrist’s latest work Rocket Man – a play which bows to the conventions of domestic naturalism – as a ‘story’ it follows the Chekhovian example of the everyday imbued with the monumental. These are working people from your life or mine. An aspiring actor, an exhausted nurse, a loyal friend, a troubled young man. You immediately know them. But the play actively resists classification as a simple piece of domestic realism, with reflexive aphorisms sparring around the function and value of theatre (some sharp jabs at the world of public funding – worth noting subtlenuance are self-sufficient), it spins a web of in-jokes and intrigue that’s something of a hallmark for the writer. Rocket Man seems to writhe inside its skin, like the eponymous astronaut (now there’s a pointless occupation if there ever was one) who’s self-aware but chained to discontent and thus paradoxically oblivious to his potential. The human story. Unsettling, wry, dark, rich in humour and tension. Everything a play should be.

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New Australian Theatre Voices Reaching Out

talc / Two Gates
at the TAP Gallery presented by SubtleNuance, July 2010

It’s tricky to respond to this as a double bill, as both plays have their own breadth and breath; even so there are parallels in each which complement the other. So as a night out it carries a provocative edge, welding the personal into the political with a light touch. It’s a theatre that is executed in deceptively simple terms, with minimalism and depth to the staging across the board. With slight differences in convention between the two pieces; I want to write about them separately, but I will resist the urge and attempt a wholistic view of the evening’s entertainment.

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