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ACT I, scene i, p8

PAN scraps. not worth a mention. Yours to keep chief.

LIONEL The pleasure’s mine.

RANDOLPH nicely played – who’s thirsty then? More wine?

DULCIE take a number

RANDOLPH I’ll take two

KEN Count it – bring the bottle! Top shelf.

DULCIE here’s trouble, mixing the grain and the grape

KEN hardly a struggle, my thirst speaks for me

RANDOLPH cards all shuffled? Deal aways then- ain’t got all night. Oh wait – yeah we do! But I may find my priorities quicken if those ladies at the bar keep looking my direction.

DULCIE is that what you call it?

PAN who’s in? pay your fees and open the bidding. I got two

LIONEL Let’s look at that for mine. Two from me.

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ACT I, scene i, p7

RANDOLPH Who else wants to try their luck, huh? I know you’re not shy, friend-

PAN try and stop me.

RANDOLPH that’s the spirit. Now one more we gat ourselves a game.

DULCIE Kenny’s up, aren’t you?

KEN I don’t normally like to gamble–

RANDOLPH it’s a special occasion my first night in town. Nickels and dimes.

KEN well…

RANDOLPH and I’m buyin’ – you gonna turn away free drinks?

DULCIE come on then, cheer up!

KEN alright I give in- pound on heads

PAN Two for tails?

DULCIE a pound on tails

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ACT I, scene i, p6

In which our hero tempts fate

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ACT I, scene i, p5

In which our hero spies an opportunity…

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ACT I, scene i, p4

In which our hero gets trounced at Two-Up, and friends are met…

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ACT I, scene i, p3

In which our hero first encounters Randolph…

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ACT I, scene i, p2

in which our heroine first notices young Lionel…

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WRAP: Kicking Down Doors

A look at the outcomes of the Kicking Down Doors initiative the other day,

…in the coming weeks I will be publishing further excerpts of the scene read on the day from the current project. Leaving the title off for the moment… See if you can guess! Here is the first snippet:

I, i
[An East Sydney brothel circa 1929.

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