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A PRIORI – “What Comes Before”

As the founder of a startup theatre company I thought it would be worthwhile to pledge some Principles of Operation with respect to casting, cultural policy and programming choices. This is a draft version so any contributions or helpful pointers or general discussion is most welcome.

Open Casting
We aspire to allow all actors the opportunity to work with us, regardless of cultural background, gender or disadvantage. We wish to celebrate difference and diversity and as such, there are no barriers for an actor or collaborator who can bring their full devotion to a role.

Casting will occur in two phases. Firstly an open one-on-one discussion about the project, the schedule and concept behind the production. The actor and director will be able to contribute with the producer and ask questions in a equal footing before deciding if they wish to take the time to audition. The second phase – if an audition is feasible – will consist of a prepared scene and small workshop as per standard casting procedure.

Protocols of Cultural Respect
When dealing with stories from different cultures to our own we will always consult with people linked to that culture to ensure the appropriate respect is due (and paid).

New Work
Finding and developing New Work will be a defining principle of our programming choices, to complement the production of pre-written texts.

We will always seek to produce work that is relatively simple in presentation and format, avoiding complicated stagecraft the emphasis will always be on actors-in-a-room, highlighting the skills and performance elements over large-scale technological components (deus-ex-machina and so forth)

Actor-Text relationship
As an actor driven company we will prioritise the relationship between the performer and text in all major decision-making.
Audience comes Second.
Directors come Third (sorry).

All collaborators will have a share in the production and as such budgets and expenditures will be undertaken via a transparent accounting policy for all stakeholders.

Challenging ourselves
We will always aspire to choose and program work which is the Hard Option, to push our comfort zones and boundaries beyond what we already know.

what do you think?

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