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Not I, said the Wolf.

It sounds already like the attending ATF delegates have dispensed with the small-talk and cut straight to the chase with a frank, open chat about Aboriginal works and the representational politics of Australian theatre in an industry framed by institutionalised racism. “We have to get away from white middle-class theatre” was the catch-cry on twitter. Complicit or not, this is a factor in the performing arts, so we’d better get working on it or forever be remembered as a part of the problem. Whacko!

At least, not being present at the ATF – that’s the impression one gets. One must rely on second-hand tweets and blogs on the event, or as some might say “rewrites” of the real deal. And so, a question from the audience for those privileged enough to attend such an important discussion:

Who isn’t in the room? For every one who is there listening, there are maybe ten or twenty more who aren’t. Some of us can’t afford it. Some of us don’t have time. Some of us probably even think we don’t need to be there (although one might argue these are the people who absolutely need to be there the most)…

At the end of this forum there will be a resolution for theatre organisations to become NBN-ready, and it will be nodded upon and placed on the website (there was a similar resolution to embrace technology in 2011). But it’s twenty-thirteen already. We have the technology today. With the click of a laptop this vitally important discussion can be shared first-hand so students, independents, marketers, journalists and corporate sponsors alike can get a handle on what’s being questioned here.

At the moment we rely on volunteer bloggers and tweeters to share the discussion. And we value this immensely.

But ask yourself. Is that good enough?

Enjoy the forum, folks. We’ll be following from afar.

sancz out

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