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presented by Subtlenuance, at 505, March 2012

This is another little gem from the strange narrative mind of Paul Gilchrist, steeped in his quirky style of meditative and philosophical storytelling; a one-woman show breaking through the fourth wall in a rich parody of the world of fine wine and romance. It’s an engaging blend of slightly nutty and melancholic memoir, delivered in charming style by Sylvia Keays, who finds the right balance of tragicomic ennui for the script, quaffing as she goes (one hopes that’s not a real shiraz she’s guzzling) through a personal tale of love and hope and disappointment and adventure. For those who braved the rain last Sunday eve for the preview (and there were fifty of us), a rich reward that softened the palate and brought a new perspective on how we perceive and appreciate the finer things in life – by which I mean art, conversation, wine, music, what-have-you – how context becomes a vital cog in creating an understanding of what it is we are beholding. Take off the label, and we are lost… we must learn to appreciate life without the gold and silver medals, or the prestige, or the name of thing. Irrelevant! After a couple of days discussing theatre and criticism at various public forums it was a poignant thing to suddenly engage with artists evoking the very thing we have been advocating – that it matters not who or what the art is called, where it comes from, who made it – just drink in what is there, and like it, or dislike it, and forget the rest. For a fine Pinot Noir is just as it comes. With or without a label… Something to be savoured, like good friends, or simple belief in oneself. Go ahead, have a taste!

BLIND TASTING, written and directed by Paul Gilchrist, featuring Sylvia Keays; playing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, 13 – 17 March 2012.

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