ACT I, scene iii, p4

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[KAY and LIONEL sneak back down the stairs, spotting JONES, they stop.]

KAY: he’s just sitting there talking to himself. What shall we do?

LIONEL: go back up

KAY: we can’t be seen together up here. Let’s sneak past-

LIONEL: Wait. If he sees us leaving he might tell. Let me see what he wants.

KAY: find me. I’ll hide in the room where we just came- I’ll wait for you. All day if I have to.

LIONEL: up. Shh. We’ll be gone before you know it.

KAY: I love you. [exit KAY upstairs]

LIONEL: [approaching JONES] Something I can help you with, Officer?

JONES: Forgive me- I was lost in contemplation.

LIONEL: Just that you’re down here all by yourself, and we’re not open right now.

JONES: Is that a problem?

LIONEL: It’s alright by me – I mean you have particular, ah- privileges in here, with the boss. Just if there’s anything you needed, that’s all. A drink maybe?

JONES: No, thank you. I should keep my mind clear as a bell.

LIONEL: Are you looking for someone?

JONES: None that can’t be found.

LIONEL: Well in that case, I’ll, ah – leave you to whatever it is you’re, ah… doing.

JONES: I’m listening.

LIONEL: sorry?

JONES: I’m tuning into the truth of the matter. Listening for answers.

LIONEL: I can’t hear anything.

JONES: I don’t suppose you can. It’s neither here nor there.

LIONEL: No? Where is it then?

[JONES taps the side of his head. Enter KEN and RANDOLPH deep in discussion, via the main door]

KEN: In a word, you reckon that God cannot exist alone

RANDOLPH: One God alone cannot abide. If the others did not exist, it would be necessary to invent them.

KEN: And that’s my point exactly – myths, gods are tools of power and social control. Inventions.

RANDOLPH: But invented by whom? It’s no accident that this new contender, claiming to be everywhere, know everything, claiming no rivals or false idols: this one god alone would go quite mad, even conceiving of himself, miraculously of course, into of all things a virgin bride, in the form of his own son! Himself! As a companion! And you say humanity lacks humility? Well I suppose it’s not your fault. You have learned from the best. The gods perfected arrogance, you mortals simply make it ironic… Go and fill my cup will you.

KEN If he’s truly omniscient and everywhere, then any other god would be impossible. You have to admit.

RANDOLPH If he were truly omniscient, he would not need to take on human form in order to finally learn a thing or two about sacrifice! And that if anything is what I wish to convey. One god alone is quite stupid, however much they see. Not much fun at all. It’s no wonder this new one: this ingénue and his bastard child seems to stay in their room.

KEN If you’re suggesting he visit us again that didn’t exactly pan out last-

RANDOPLH Why not? I am. No, I would not walk the earth with him. This god sounds like a complete ass! No offence. If you happen to be partial to him…

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ACT I, scene iii, p3 i wandered off for a while there…

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  • 1. George  |  25/03/2011 at 7:53 pm

    Really missing your articles on here and awesome twitter. Is everything okay?

    • 2. anvildrops  |  19/06/2011 at 10:51 am

      thanks George, I’ve been away for a few months, thus much less active online than usual. everything’s fine 🙂 coming back with some vengeance this week!



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