ACT I, scene iii, p2

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[enter LIONEL. SHARON pretends to be asleep, KAY hides the money and stands to face him.]

KAY at last it’s you. The Lion Heart.


KAY shh. We have time to talk once more. This way.

[she leads him upstairs. Six bells. The CHORUS awaken.]

CHORUS This morning creeps, sly-like into the night, carrying such a choice as only new lovers can make. Sh! Do not speak of mysteries unblemished, blind love sees what open eyes cannot, as a foreign tongue passes unheard except by the soul.


JONES Good morning Ladies, if I might impose upon your debate one brief moment.

CHORUS the madame of the house is not yet up-

JONES suffice- that she is not the reason I call, precisely at this early hour as I know she would unable to receive me. It is you for whom I seek.

CHORUS any one of us? Or all of us at once?

JONES Just one may do. Don’t look so disappointed- it is only questions I beg favour of.

CHORUS The madame would not have us speak to you without her there to listen.

JONES I can’t imagine she would. But I feel these queries will not be too imposing. In any case, I should ask them, and if you respond or not? I am at a whimsy. Well, shall we begin? Good. Last week or thereabouts I found myself ill of stomach, and as my bowels released in the back kitchen, my eyes squinted open to discover a bloodstained coat hanging next to the fireplace. Would any of you have seen that?

CHORUS we don’t go into the kitchen sir.

JONES a distinctive jacket though, one not to be worn in this heat, unless at night. You might recognise the style, long in the knee, black, double breasted, you would have seen it before, yes? No? Indeed, your silent glances tell me all I need. The man who owns this jacket; there is no trace of him anywhere other than here- and the trail goes cold. It would not be unheard of that such a man on the run from the law might hide in plain sight. But I sense- not even the mistress of the house might shelter a killer of police. It’s a conundrum, most vexing. If she hides this man – the full weight of the legislature might tear these streets apart in a show of force. The law cannot abide such unchecked chaos. Madame knows this, and she benefits as much from the balance of peace as anyone else. But it seems this place is closing ranks, and I would loathe to expect a woman of such standing in the community to cast out her own with no pause. What choice would she have, if such a person was keeping secrets under their hat? [he has noticed GUIDO’s hat left on the bar, picks it up]

CHORUS only she can answer true, Captain.

JONES yes. But I would not wake her. I will ask tonight instead so we might find the base of this riddle first hand. Do pass on my regards to the house. Ladies. You may go.

[exit chorus]


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