ACT I, scene iii, p1

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[SHARON hides the money. KAY wakes up. Dawn.]

SHARON So- did you have him yet?

KAY Have who?

SHARON your stupid barman

KAY I have hardly seen him all week. Our paths come close, I have to work, or he has to leave. We never seem to get a chance to speak

SHARON Shame, he looks strong – A man like that might come in use. I know he has your letter, I glimpsed him studying it, intently, like a treasure map.

KAY but no reply? Why can’t he let me know –

SHARON men don’t give out clues to how they feel. To put themselves on the line? They use other bait to lure, can’t have you thinking that your love might be secure. It’s just a game to them, to make us wait – but still I have to say, if this young buck had gotten back within the day? You’d find him too keen a mark by far and run along your merry way!

KAY if only it were simple truth to speak, and once said understood, these games of chance and pretence do my heart no good.

SHARON You would have it simple? How? You work here nights and fuck strange men, and drink and sniff the snow so white, to have it simple you would have never met this Len, to whom you hardly even speak, to whom your thoughts flock at the slightest whim. Look around you girl – this is simple – this is love not misunderstood. Our sisters’ embrace. Him? Misguided by his prick, and you ask him for his heart. Nevermore will a man be so confused – and this one’s just a boy. Stay with us, don’t yearn for more than your needs.

KAY Sharon, after just a week of this I’m spent, these men, this white tiger of a drug it keeps me ready for them, prowling, ever insatiable. Yet I feel the price exacted on my mind is too high, the tiger keeps me in the cage, ever rattling to escape, and still the raging deep within me cannot keep hold long enough to break the bars. And so I drink instead so not to think such tearing, bitter thoughts of what – what calls inside my head. I stay on the drug and I am a stone, washed in the river cold and smooth. I cannot move against the stream lest someone plucks me out!

SHARON maybe I can help? Here- take this, I’ve saved it up. Maybe you can make use of it to leave this place for good- lord knows I never will.

KAY but I can’t!

SHARON ask your friend. He comes.

[enter LIONEL. ]


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