ACT 1, scene ii, p12

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KEN Goodnight, Dulcie [exit]

RANDOLPH Now, where was I?

DULCIE upstairs, now will you join with us?

RANDOLPH come then – and quickly. But dance for me first-

[DULCIE dances for RANDOLPH, the CHORUS accompanying with movement and harmonies to PAN’s flute. The song and dancing reaches a frenzy before the night ends with everyone asleep in the bar. Enter GUIDO from upstairs.]

GUIDO I’m here to stay, no chance I’m leaving all this for that kid to take. He’s fragrant, that one. Less than the full deck. So they just hand over the keys and tell me to piss off west. Lay low? I don’t think that’s quite right. I got a stake in this too. I made plans in my time. Can’t leave that behind, so I’ve been creeping in between the walls, keeping eyes and ears on them that want what’s mine. There’s a secret spot in the roof I’m camped upstairs. No one knows I’m there. No one cares. Hiding out I listen deep and find out the secrets others keep.

[he takes off his hat at the bar, pours himself a drink]

Like this package I hear tell young Lionel’s retrieving from the wharves. I know what’s in it pure as driven snow- the powders we use to keep control, when things get too much. That stuff. I heard it’s s’posed to come through to Frank, but the old lady doesn’t know about it. Well what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her yet. That yank- seems to have lost his rocker, since the other night he talks no sense and walks around half-dressed. I can’t imagine he’ll report – if his package happens to miss its prompt delivery, eh? If it happens to go missing while I’m out of town – who’d catch the blame? I’m starving there up in my hidey-hole, ears pressed to the other side of the ceiling while my stomach growls. Now while it’s dark I can sneak past to find some crusty bread or off-soup. What’s this? The nightly till unkept. An omen? I should pocket it for my suffering. I should plant the seeds of doubt and theft. Too many times I held my tongue, now silence is all they might hear from Guido.

[He empties the till. SHARON wakes up and sees him in the act.]


GUIDO Fuck- oh fuck it’s you. Shh.

SHARON what are you doing here?

GUIDO don’t fuck’n say a word. I never left. Here – take this and give it out to the whores. And get me some proper food, leave it out on the upstairs balcony. You never saw me.

SHARON what’s all this?

GUIDO I got a plan. But I have to stay in hiding- where better than right under their noses? Trust me it’s the last place they’ll look. Just keep your trap – nice and tight. Right?

SHARON Guido when are you coming back?

GUIDO I’ll be listening in upstairs. You listen in down here. Alright love?

SHARON she wakes! Go- [exit GUIDO upstairs] … I know too much.

[SHARON hides the money. KAY wakes up.]

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