ACT I, scene ii, p10

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[enter PAN & RANDOLPH, the CHORUS begins to surround him]

DULCIE My lord!

KATIE where is that fucker anyway?

RANDOLPH ahha! Sweet choral relief – surround me

FRANK Guido?

KATIE no the other fucker – Len.

RANDOLPH come unto my girth

FRANK I got him working down at the wharf for a few nights.

KATIE what for?

PAN Your wine, sire.

FRANK I just need some eyes and ears. It’s no drama

KATIE better not be.

RANDOLPH dance with my desire. Touch the ring-

KATIE Just keep it tight. You. New girl, why you lingering over here?

RANDOLPH listen to the moonlight sing across the night.

KATIE Go with the others.

KAY No- I just heard you talking about Lionel.

FRANK what you want with him?

KAY Where is he?

FRANK He’ll be back, never you mind.

KATIE go on then. Find your friends. Watch that one. Questions don’t agree with this business. [KAY goes back] I get the sense she’s getting up above her station. Plus, she’s not been schooled in by Guido yet. Keep her close. Get Sharon across it. I don’t like you send out our barman on while the spick is out of town, but it’s good young Len is out of the way for now. Good kid, but soft, and not too bright. In future – just tell me when you start some private mission.

FRANK it’s an easy job- just a pick up.

KATIE I don’t need to know every top and tail. Just remember we’re in lockdown til the leather backs off on this murder case. Yeah?

FRANK not a problem

KATIE [referring to the chalkboard] that meant to be fuck’n funny?

FRANK it’s a play on words, i think.

KATIE I’m upstairs for the night. And I will take the bar tomorrow morning. Keep our guests happy will you?

FRANK ‘night Kate. [she goes up] Get some rest.

[FRANK gestures to SHARON among the group of women to join him, she does so and he whispers to her, she looks back over at KAY and smiles assent. FRANK returns behind the bar and pours a round. RANDOLPH dances with DULCIE to gentle music played by the CHORUS accompanying PAN. FRANK continues pouring drinks for himself and KEN, placing an amount of cocaine to share with the CHORUS, who move between their stations and the bar in a cycle syncopated with the dialogue. KEN and DULCIE refuse the drug but drink instead.]

RANDOLPH Where is my queen?

DULCIE Am I not she?

RANDOLPH I would not proceed without her by my seed. Too easily you wink- it carries no taste of triumph yet, I smell victory. A monarch’s scent is ripe, potent, poisonous – yours is sweet. Step back, it overpowers such a lasting trace. What leads upstairs to she who rules these streets?

DULCIE am I rejected?

RANDOLPH there are many at some high standing as yourself, of great esteem to those of poetry, perhaps. But would you challenge she? We have been close and still, I can never abandon you entirely, such is my way, to share! Now forgive, for I must attend.

DULCIE As you desire.

KEN wait a moment, I would ask you something. How can you lay claim to this? By what trick have you taken hold of these women’s will?

RANDOLPH my good man! You recall the hour on which we met, yes?

KEN and my friend Dulcie would hardly look upon you twice, then- yet here she’s at your feet.

RANDOLPH I was still weak, newborn into this slovenly sack of flesh. Not quite forgotten yet, and with belief comes our strength. My kind cannot abide doubt, you see. Even gods feel fear of becoming irrelevant…

KEN I can’t imagine why! For all your charm and likely dress- arrogance is still a human custom- you are not God.

[PAN suddenly stops playing his pipe]

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