ACT I, scene ii, p9

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FRANK No just don’t fuck it up. Now get.

LIONEL I’m gone- [exit]

FRANK good. You right for a drink?

KEN wouldn’t hurt me.

FRANK you’re down here a lot this last week.

KEN good a place as any to get out of the heat.

FRANK this fuck’n little turd. I told him to fix that board. What’s this supposed to be?

KEN that’s partly me, I’ve been teaching him letters. We use the board for practising.

FRANK He can’t read?

KEN he’s getting there.

FRANK Fuck me Jesus.

KEN I’ll fix it. [picks up the chalk and considers the board for a moment before settling on the word ‘cuisine’ writ underneath ‘hot’.]

FRANK I’ll take that as a compliment-

KEN stretch of the imagination.

[enter DULCIE through the main door. Her clothes are stricken with bits of native plant life]

DULCIE I return ahead of those that come before-

KEN what’s happened to you? Where have you been?

DULCIE we took into the mountains, where I have been taught the ancient ways, where I communed with an immortal-

KEN You know I don’t believe in-

DULCIE Should seeing be enough you will know this truth- to learn mysteries so inexplicable as these, Ken – you would do well to cease your doubts and follow.

KEN what mysteries?

DULCIE elaboration is forbid.

KEN Forbid?

FRANK well this is all too fuck’n Greek to me, I’m going up to check our ladies’ progress. [he goes upstairs]

DULCIE I herald their return. You must learn as I have. Such things are not forgotten- quick pour some wine, I’m flushed. And more, we must prepare for the arrival. Any moment-

KEN what trick is this? Such men you speak that would have your service so quick, to submit is not in the style of your spirit, not the poet I know. Dulcie Deamer’s spirit’s free –

DULCIE irrepressible I know, and dancing on tables is just to show that squared off cities cannot contain my ways. Projections, devices, constructed personae to keep critics at my whim, to keep unwanted men from getting too far in. My wilder witty self could not bear the scrutiny of higher planes, of supernatural study such as I have not attained – until today.

KEN what is all this?

DULCIE the mystery of a woman’s soul is that she yearns for such release as only can be gained by another being’s control. I would run my own wilder ways and free, but just as a façade, my masks all slip away in the presence of a god.

KEN gods again? other planes-

DULCIE hush – their arrival is imminent.

KEN have a drink.

DULCIE any moment – sh!

[they wait. Enter KATIE through the main entrance.]

KATIE what’s all this? Where the fuck is everyone?

DULCIE they’re coming!

KATIE Frank! What’s going on down here? It’s six o’clock. [approaching the bar] You paying for those I hope-

[Enter FRANK from upstairs]

FRANK under control –

KATIE Where’s the barman? Where’s the girls?

FRANK Lenny’s on an errand for me, I’m covering.

KATIE don’t forget with the spic out of the picture we’re already short-handed

FRANK I’ve got it Kate.

[enter the CHORUS from upstairs]

KATIE should I even be asking this?

FRANK So it’s business as usual. Have a seat.

KATIE Don’t worry, I’ll do it myself.

[enter PAN & RANDOLPH, the CHORUS begins to surround him]

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