ACT I, scene ii, p8

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KEN How long have we been at this?

LIONEL I dunno – week or so.

KEN Where were we?

LIONEL You were just about to tell me about ‘silent’ letters.

KEN no, fuck that. Let’s revise. Vowels?

LIONEL vowels, right – ‘A’

KEN on the board.

[LIONEL uses the blackboard to write up his letters]


KEN good

LIONEL I remember those last three in particular

KEN yeah but the only thing you owe me is another drink for helping you out.

LIONEL pace yourself- still early you know

KEN ahh fuck yourself

LIONEL daily. For the road. I have to make a break for it in a minute. Help me with this can you? [he scrubs the blackboard clean]

KEN what do you want to say?

LIONEL just a sign for the counter lunch. Hot Food. Free grub, something like that.

KEN free grub? I think it sends out the wrong message. Keep it simple. Hot food.

LIONEL so how does that go?

KEN you tell me-

LIONEL well…

KEN sound it out

LIONEL Hhh- Ohh – T

KEN Hhh- right?

LIONEL Hhh- what’s that one again?

KEN Hhh – think

LIONEL [counts on his fingers] a-b-c-d-e-f-g- ache?

KEN this is painful- ‘H’

LIONEL ‘H’ – Ahah!

KEN now write it- then what?

LIONEL ache – Ohh

KEN ‘O’ – good

LIONEL Ache – Ohh – Tea

KEN right – ‘T’

LIONEL [writing] Ohh – Tea. Hot!

KEN second word.

LIONEL Food. Hm, ‘Ffff’ –

KEN ‘Ffff’

LIONEL ‘Ffff’- ‘oooo’

KEN yes?

LIONEL Ffff – Fuck this is doing my head in!

KEN don’t give up now you’re almost there-

LIONEL I’ve got it! [writes] H-O-T F-O-D.

KEN Christ. Close enough


[enter FRANK from upstairs]

FRANK gentlemen – what’s all this?

LIONEL I’ve fixed the sign, Frank!

FRANK I’ll fuck’n fix you if you aren’t down at the wharves tonight looking for my package.

LIONEL Sorry boss – I’m just about to go

FRANK it took a lot of swag to get you in down there. So mind your P’s and Q’s


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