ACT I, scene ii, p7

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[LIONEL escorts CAPTAIN JONES through the back exit. KEN regards the letter for a beat, then speaks directly to the audience]

KEN This girl’s the sort – who’ll leave the window open but not the door. I don’t know how to tell this bastard how: he’s on a slow boat back to where he started. Not that it’s any of my business to poke around in. He’s the barman, I should be telling him my problems, not listening to his. As it happens, I got my own. Lost my notebook for start. I’ll come back and look for it again tomorrow. It’s a good place, this hole in the ground. Kings Cross and misfits still laughing. You know, it wouldn’t be so bad to lose – the city blazes with ideas every place I look. This book is just a few marked down shorthand so I don’t have to remember. Or was it so I can forget? Ah- doesn’t matter there’s plenty more where that came from, all up here – right? Bugger that. I can’t unblock a thing. Not since Joe – I need that book if I could just get at it- the verse might flow again

[pours another drink] I’ll come back and find it next week.

He drowned you know. It’s hard to lose a friend, worse when pain that will not end bars any words for expression. I blunt such edges night after next and the blades return still keen to sting – why, Joe? Did you have to cross the black harbour night? To leave me here– to leave for nowhere. Such a young and burning mind to fall into saltwater mouths. I’ll still come back and find you, I’ll not forget. I can’t write it yet. Can’t express. You drunken prick, Joe – to haunt me in this bar still. With that face. You keep the words you took and grin at me in the dark – I’ll look to some distraction in your stead. Fucker. [still drinking, he toasts the ringing bells off in the distance] So I come back, day-to-day and teach this kid his letters, read aloud so they might run into words and words into letters again. Some stranger combination of the things I forget. My sentence is I come back each day to turn away from my lost friend. And drown myself in spirit, to join you Joe – in spirit and follow what I can’t describe.

[enter LIONEL on this last phrase]

LIONEL what are you fuck’n on about?

KEN You find my notebook yet?

LIONEL it’s gone, Ken. I told you. You must have dropped it somewhere else.

KEN How long have we been at this?

LIONEL I dunno – week or so.

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