ACT I, scene ii, p6

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[Ken gestures at him the ‘drink’ motion]

LIONEL ohh- right. No worries, constable, of course

JONES Captain

LIONEL My Captain. [passes him a drink, the one left over from PAN’s morning micturation]

JONES And if I might venture a glance at the lunch menu, if it’s not too early yet?

LIONEL Counter lunch is free, sir.

JONES Ahah. Do you think it wise?

LIONEL Allow me. [he stirs the pot and serves up a ladle full] It’s a hearty stew. Sydney Special: Soup-Plus! And still warm…

[Captain Jones sets himself up at a table with his food and drink]

JONES Regardless of her faults I cannot make a complaint against the madame’s hospitality. Gentlemen, salut.

[LIONEL and KEN nod their replies]

KEN what was it you wanted to ask me, before?

JONES Tell me squire- is there a trace of nutmeg in this stew?

JONES My palate is untrained, but I fancy there is more than a touch of spice to match the saltiness.

LIONEL Who’s it from?

KEN a woman by the name of Kay

JONES [smacking his mouth] Can’t quite put my finger on it…

KEN Dear Lionel, after we spoke into the night-

LIONEL Don’t read it all out – just give me the basics.

KEN Well- reading between the lines, she’s asking for your help.

JONES Ah, sweet wine to wash it down.

LIONEL between the lines? How’s that work?

KEN Well she doesn’t say it up front, but it’s all there. What’d you say to her anyway?

LIONEL fucked if I know. I can’t remember anything.

KEN well she seems to think you’ve hit it off alright. “you have opened my eyes to the pain I keep bringing myself back to bear, the dreams I have forsaken…” it goes on like that. And on.

LIONEL yeah?

KEN you should learn to read it.

LIONEL too much hassle.

JONES If I may impose upon you sirs- a basin?

KEN If you say so-

JONES I feel amiss, sirs? The devil has taken root in my gullet.

LIONEL I beg your pardon?

JONES something in that meal has dispute with my stomach.

LIONEL I have no fuck’n idea what this guys talking about.

JONES sick, man- I’m sick! I beg you-

LIONEL Not up there– out back is closer. Watch the bar would you? [KEN nods and resumes reading the letter]

JONES I feel faint.

LIONEL that’s it – let’s have a bit of air then, right?

[LIONEL escorts CAPTAIN JONES through the back exit. ]

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