ACT I, scene ii, p5

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[Enter KEN looking frantic & dishevelled]

KEN ah – excuse me, I was in here last night – do you remember?

LIONEL you can count what I remember about last night on no hands.

KEN well I lost my notebook at some point, I don’t suppose-

LIONEL sorry.

KEN just a little book.

LIONEL I’ll keep an eye open. Wet your whistle?

KEN bit early. Oh why not. Might help me think back to what I did with it. Such a night. I remember playing cards – and the strangest of dreams. Like everything opened up. The whole world in a flash of stars and sky. All of it at once. Like drowning in the universe. Detached. Now I feel split in two.

LIONEL that’s called a hangover mate. This’ll sort you out.

KEN thanks

LIONEL On the house. Listen, maybe you can help me with something.

KEN what’s that?

LIONEL Nah, it’s not anything

KEN sure about that?

LIONEL Well, just this letter – I can’t read it, see. Maybe you can give me the gist?


LIONEL hang on a tic. Can I help you, officer?

JONES perhaps you might be of assistance, is the lady of the house in siteu?

LIONEL sorry?

JONES the madame. Is she in?

LIONEL Katie? Nah mate she’s out.

JONES I see. No matter. It is not for whom I seek. Her man at arms, regularly seen here, swarthy in complexion, my height in approximation, wears a moustache. Has he passed this way?

LIONEL I can’t understand a word this bloke’s saying.

KEN have you seen a dark guy with a moustache, about his size?

JONES his name is unknown to me but the moniker that has been ascribed to him is some reference to his ethnic heritage.


JONES Guinea? Or possibly Guido?

LIONEL ohh Guido – yeah, sneaky little fucker, moustache, Italian or something. Face like a dropped pie.

JONES Quite. You know him?

LIONEL nah. Not really

JONES I see.

LIONEL look he’s in here from time to time but I haven’t seen him for a few days now.

JONES is that so. In that case I should take advantage of your hospitality for a moment’s respite from the morning sun, if you should be so kind. Perhaps my mark will simply stroll through the door whilst I wait.

[Lionel looks blankly – Ken gestures at him the ‘drink’ motion]

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