ACT I, scene ii, p4

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[Enter GUIDO from upstairs]

FRANK Well, man of the hour. Good time last night Guido?

GUIDO not too foul

FRANK you should be about halfway to Bathurst by now, right?

GUIDO what?

FRANK make yourself scarce. the polis are hunting for you, son.

GUIDO fuck I got nothing to hide from them.

FRANK you kill that undercover cop?

GUIDO I didn’t know he was police!

FRANK it’s talk like that gets you locked up, right. It’s my recommendation that you piss off for a while so things can cool down. Young Lionel here will look after your patch.

GUIDO He what?

FRANK he’s my new man on the spot, aren’t you? So get on your walkabout trail, ‘cause we haven’t seen you in days around here.

GUIDO fuck that boss. This cunt wouldn’t know where to begin-

FRANK well you had better start acquainting him then, because you’re off the streets til further advisement. Now kiss and make up. I’ll be back tonight and you’ll be playing possum, right. Glad we had this little chat. [exit]

GUIDO this is your lucky fucking day innit. Don’t think it’s quite so simple as that. This is my patch. My girls, my street.

LIONEL funny I thought this was Katie and Frank’s place.

GUIDO I pay the fuck’n rent though don’t I. So now it’s your turn.

[LIONEL shrugs, palms up]

GUIDO it’s a temporary situation, right. So watch your back. You never know who’s listening. Now if you’ll excuse me. I have to let my girls know how things stand before I take my little holiday.

LIONEL I’ll be here.

GUIDO just don’t get too comfy in my bed, skip. [exit GUIDO upstairs]

LIONEL That’s working on the docks by day on the hunt for a mysterious package, run the bar by night, not to mention running the girls to boot… times are tough too bloody right. Hundred thousand people out of work in this city and me? Three jobs, no sleep. How the fuck does that happen anyway? Just yesterday things was simple. Now?

[he looks at the letter, turning it this way and that]

And this note…

[Enter KEN looking frantic & dishevelled]

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