ACT I, scene ii, p3

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KATIE I don’t bet, I fucking know. Chop chop! [exit]

PAN If I would show you this new world I might suggest you wear these?

RANDOLPH what is that?

PAN commonly referred to as trousers, sire. Recommended should you wish to travel incognito.

RANDOLPH have at it then. Until I reach my full power I should be wary of mortal custom.

[RANDOLPH puts his pants back on, with some difficulty]

RANDOLPH: [the trousers rip] accursed garment.

PAN: perhaps this will help master-

RANDOLPH: Don’t touch those! Size does not tell of such delicate proportions.

PAN: sorry…

RANDOLPH: Get Back! [he finally succeeds by tucking his schlong inside his jacket]

PAN: Are we ready?

RANDOLPH: to the mountains. Nature is calling me!

[exit PAN & RANDOLPH. Moment of reflection for LIONEL]

LIONEL That was pretty fuck’n strange.

[He finishes tidying up. Enter FRANK from upstairs. He heads to the bar.]

FRANK Everything ok with you mate?

LIONEL me? Yeah, bit worse for wear, but you know. Tip-top.

FRANK don’t give me tip- fuck’n- top. what’s your caper sunshine?

LIONEL I don’t- I…

FRANK listen cunt. I know you were playing cards last night. And that means you’re in shit. Deep.

LIONEL Frank I’m paid up- my oath it was tuppence in. A nothin’ game, a lark-

FRANK Shut it. You know the rules. You work for us in Katie’s house, because you owe us. We look after our own, but that means any money in your pocket’s in ours. Where’d you get the money to fucken’ gamble eh? You selling us short?

LIONEL No Frank I can’t-

FRANK Don’t fuck’n speak. You’re a good kid. You know when to keep your mouth shut, you don’t talk to the cops, and you work hard. I haven’t told Kate ‘cos she’ll rip your balls off. But you owe me.

LIONEL Frank, I’m sorry-

FRANK just listen, dickhead. I got a job for you. Down at the wharf. You’ll start on Monday. They’ll sort you out. I need some eyes and ears so keep ‘em peeled. Do what you’re told, they’ll kick your wages back up to me. Lay low. There’s a package in quarantine that needs collection on the quiet.

LIONEL What’s in it?

FRANK don’t ask fuck’n stupid questions. Here’s the registration. Should be mixed up in the cargo for that ship came in last night – The Ulysses. Let me know when you find it. Right?

LIONEL yeah.

FRANK start on Monday. Til then- just keep your head down, Len.

LIONEL Yeah. I know.

FRANK [picks up the letter from the bar] What’s this?

LIONEL Eh? Dunno-

FRANK it’s got your name all over it mate


FRANK you going to open it then?

LIONEL yeah… I reckon later.

FRANK Cheer up lad, you got your whole life ahead of you. Long as you don’t fuck it up… Now get back to work. And fix that sign up. Pot Luck… What the fuck is that supposed to mean, anyway?

LIONEL I thought that was the point?

FRANK funny

[Enter GUIDO from upstairs]

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