ACT I, scene ii, p1

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I, ii

[Dawn. RANDOLPH sleeps curled up on a chair, naked, with his back to the audience. The CHORUS are draped around him. His clothes are spread around the room. KAY awakens first, tiptoeing to the bar where she writes a note. SHARON is also awake and watches her. KAY notices SHARON is watching her and moves instinctively to hide the letter.]

SHARON What’s this? Secrets already?

KAY nothing- just a thank you note

SHARON letters make words seem tiny on their own. What sets you apart from us that you might stand free? There can be no secrets among us now he is returned. Show.

KAY (I am not afraid of this, and yet I freeze to the prospect of speaking my mind.) If I show you my thoughts on this letter would you keep them safe?

SHARON We are sisters together, reborn in the night, bound to unspoken mystery. What is yours is yet still mine to protect. We are alone. No need for fear. Show.

[KAY passes her the letter]

KAY fear is not my need

SHARON [reading] “Would I escape from this place? I know of nowhere I may go – would I stay? Can I bear the secure supplication that is these stranger men’s desire, their whim?” Oh- such touching thoughts for this early hour’s mind. And you send this for our stupid barman? Len? Your words are wasted, child. The dupe cannot read. You beg pity from a fool.

KAY As we spoke last night he seemed well versed in wisdom.

SHARON Wise thoughts at night by day don’t seem so bright. But as you please. Seal the letter. You don’t want just anyone reading that.

[PAN emerges and struts down the stairs]

PAN Ah – Saturday at last. Where is my lord Bacchus?

CHORUS in sacred slumber For now we wait, expectant, fearless, ready –

PAN who will wake him?

CHORUS No- don’t! he might eat us! Shhh.

PAN Bah! Fear not his teeth or tongue. Master! Awake, awake!

CHORUS with him comes the dizzy, spiraling sundry, the unspoken-

PAN morning becomes you. Get up, oh fattened Slav! I’ve waited long enough.

RANDOLPH Eh? what is this place?

PAN A place of exile and promise. A city unwashed by grief but stained with blood. Kings Cross – although I’ve yet to see one-

RANDOLPH Where is the sun? Help me up

PAN here my lord – [PAN opens up some of the shutters to let in some sunlight] a new day!

[RANDOLPH turns into the sunlight, we now see his phallus has grown to absurd proportions to dangle below his knees. He stands to bask in the sunray]

RANDOLPH Ahh – Sol. Shining bright. Your chariot once more engulfs my night. Reveal such transformations to which our dreams have lead us, that we might hide them in plain sight.

PAN Master, your Menaeds await in sweet supplication.

RANDOLPH and I will celebrate with them – but not until you tell me of this place with such odd vapours and strange hue- I am still weak from transition.

PAN we are far from home, much has changed, sire. Sit, I will explain.


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