ACT I, scene i, p6

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I, i, 6

[FRANK & RANDOLPH return down the stairs.]

FRANK: And thank you Randy you have made me a very happy man.

RANDOLPH Right back at you cowboy.

FRANK Call me Frank, will ya. Why don’t you make yourself at home. Lionel – give this bloke whatever he needs, his money’s no good here.

LIONEL yeah, I already told him.

[Meanwhile FRANK has opened up an envelope & spread some cocaine onto the bar, which he then divides up into little piles with a straight razor he pulls from his pocket, before tasting some with the end of his finger.]

SHARON I hope you cleaned that thing first. Who knows where it’s been?

[FRANK snaps the razor closed & puts down on the bar.]

FRANK of course

SHARON I meant your finger.

FRANK Don’t get fuck’n cocky, slut.

SHARON Around here? What are the chances of that?

FRANK Ladies first.

[The girls sample the coke. PAN has begun playing one of his pipes softly. RANDOLPH passes LIONEL some money.]

RANDOLPH For your trouble, my good man. Keep’em comin. Now – who’s up for some of this Texas Stud, huh?

DULCIE I’ll play a hand

RANDOLPH Who says I’m talking cards?

DULCIE Who says I am? Play two up around these parts.

RANDOLPH Well if we wasn’t in such esteemed company I might reply something different. Besides I’m from Altanta. What about you Frank?

FRANK I’ll have a crack.

RANDOLPH That’s the spirit – What about you, kid?

LIONEL [shakes his head] House rules.

RANDOLPH the old lady got you all wrapped up huh? I hear that-

FRANK nothing like that mate. Good lad. Have a pick-me-up, Len.

[Frank heads over to the table and pulls up a chair]

LIONEL [under his breath] No problem Franky.

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