ACT I, scene i, p5

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I, I, 5

FRANK Let’s talk upstairs.

RANDOLPH: I wouldn’t mind takin’ some of that ready folding back off your hands later.

PAN: your money, friend.

[They leave, RANDOLPH carries his suitcase & talks the entire way up.]

RANDOLPH Hell of a trip over let me tell you, course you know I came the long way around, but I sure am glad to get my feet on solid ground, goddamn feel like I’m still swaying! So what’s the story here? Nice joint I tell ya…

LIONEL Whadd’ya reckon?

PAN Popular on payday.

DULCIE This place needs some atmosphere. Where’s all the goddamn women?

[PAN plays a refrain on his pipes]

DULCIE Barkeep!

KEN I got this one

DULCIE bloody oath you do.

[KAY, SHARON and the CHORUS begin to slowly filter downstairs]

DULCIE Some people think that I drink for the fun of it. I tell that the days aren’t all the night’s cracked up to be, and between the two I get confused. That the booze just blurs the two back together, just enough I’m used to it one way – you catch my drift?

PAN I could catch your eye-

DULCIE Darling, you know my heart belongs to Diana

PAN The night’s still young. And – here like my trickery waxes full in flight. That man, who went upstairs just now. A gambler such that it’s aging into darkened folly. He will set things rolling.

DULCIE what are you up to?

PAN my mark is not a study which is familiar in this town, although some might find it quick – there is no book that teaches, only whisperings (to those willing to listen). Words merely distract the thoughts, in any case. It is not ready money that we play for tonight. I will devise a game which summons my old master back-


PAN Up! sh- Another round, good man! Our friends return.

[FRANK & RANDOLPH return down the stairs.]

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