ACT I, scene i, p4

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I, i, 4

PAN: here- [they retreat upstage & go about the wager] I have two for tails.

[enter KEN & DULCIE laughing through the main entrance. PAN & RANDOLPH continue their game of two-up, RANDOLPH losing each round.]

KEN: What is this place?

DULCIE: A night café. A secret.

KEN: You’re So Mysterious.

DULCIE: though never too serious

KEN: I think I’m getting delirious

DULCIE: you think I dragged you down here for the pyramids?

KEN: Dulcie, I’m a married man…

DULCIE: it’s alright, they get all kinds in here. Bottoms up?

KEN: well one more couldn’ do too much damage.

DULCIE: just the first nine. Vino – Signor!

RANDOLPH: [losing again] Damnit!

PAN: well look who’s here – it’s Dulcie Deamer, the Queen of Bohemia!

DULCIE: There you are – darling this is Ken, a friend.

KEN stares at PAN in disbelief.

PAN: you alright?

KEN: [shaking his head] I thought you were someone else.

PAN: I get that a lot. This round’s on me-

RANDOLPH: Got some luck runnin’

PAN: Least I can do.

[enter FRANK]

RANDOLPH What’d you say your name was?

PAN Didn’t. Keep ‘em comin Len.

[PAN places the five dollar notes on the bar.]

FRANK Evening Gents. What’s the good word? You got something for me?

LIONEL [hands over an envelope] Yeah boss.

FRANK Good lad. Any news?

LIONEL This bloke reckons he’s here to see you, Frank.

FRANK who’s that then?

RANDOLPH Randolph McReady, at your service, but everyone just calls-

FRANK Wondered when you were gonna turn up.

RANDOLPH These two gentlemen have been keeping me entertained.

FRANK Good. You get a room yet?

RANDOLPH Just got in.

FRANK Let’s talk upstairs.

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