ACT I, scene i, p3

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I, i, 3

[GUIDO retreats up the stairs]

LIONEL: it’s not a bad jacket… might scrub up alright. What do you reckon?

PAN: you got some shit on your face there mate.

LIONEL: fuck- where?

[enter RANDOLPH via the main door. He’s sweating and carries a suitcase. LIONEL attempts to remove the smudge from his face.]

RANDOLPH: I heard this place stays open late is that true? Boy I’d kill for a drink right about now I tell ya. Hooo-ee

LIONEL: Just hold your horses.

RANDOLPH: ‘cause I heard this city shuts down at six and I’m about parched. Man this heat is driving me crazy. And I ain’t talking about the weather.

LIONEL: yeah, look, mate – it’s regulars only in here after six.

RANDOLPH: well I’m about as regular as clockwork, just ask my doctor. (but don’t tell my wife). What’s a fella got to do to get a steak and a beer in this joint?

PAN: garn’ Lenny. He’s just off the pier.

LIONEL: tell you what- if you can try and keep your voice down.

RANDOLPH: this is my natural speaking voice.

LIONEL: well, it’s very fuck’n loud. What you say your name was?

RANDOLPH: Randolph’s the handle. But everyone just calls me Randy. Just ask my wife…

LIONEL: Alright Randy, just settle. Have a seat. First drink’s on the house.

RANDOLPH: Much obliged, sir. Salut. Tell you what, I got the next one. Might be in here for a while. S’posed to meet a fella named Frank.

LIONEL: Are you now?

RANDOLPH: you know him?

LIONEL: he’ll be along in a bit.

RANDOLPH Alrighty then. Good. So I got this here green fellas the only cash on me, for your finest whiskey bourbon.

LIONEL: what’s that?

RANDOLPH: United States Currency, friend.

LIONEL: This is Australia mate. Pounds Sterling only.

RANDOLPH: What Baloney… now I got the taste for it – you can’t leave me high and dry.

LIONEL: I don’t make the rules, mate.

RANDOLPH: buddy –

PAN: Tell you what – I’ll toss you for it. Heads is my round.

RANDOLPH: so you’re a betting man, huh. Well, well, well, let’s see about that.

PAN: Spinner?

LIONEL: I’m not getting involved –

PAN: here- [they retreat upstage & go about the wager] I have two for tails.

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