ACT I, scene i, p2

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I, i, 2

[enter LIONEL wearing his filthy work gear, as he talks he changes his shirt KAY cannot help but look]

KATIE You’re late.

LIONEL yeah – I know.

KATIE get it together

LIONEL it’s the fuck’n Quay, every man and his dog’s down there today since that ship come into harbor.

KATIE what ship is that? Cruise liner?

LIONEL dunno but it’s wall to wall, I couldn’t get out-

KATIE Get on with it. You. New Girl. Close your mouth. Let’s go. I’ll show you the ropes.

[She lets out a rare chuckle. Exit KAY & KATIE head upstairs.]

LIONEL who was that?

PAN [shrugs] New girl I suppose.

LIONEL don’t fuck’n start. I work my fuck’n balls off on that fuckin bridge all week. Then it’s a shitfight getting up here by six, you know. It never fuck’n stops. I haven’t got time to think about it let alone get my end in.

PAN But you did think about it, eh? More than once, uh? You gonna think about again later too? long and hard. I seen her pretty eyes looking at you too, Len. You better watch yourself.

LIONEL It’s alright for you with your tricks and traps. If I could get one of ‘em to actually talk to me it wouldn’t hurt.

PAN you’re looking at it backwards.

LIONEL Katie’d have my balls in a vice anyway. You paid up?

[PAN produces a handful of coins to the bar. Enter GUIDO. He flies through the door in full panic, stares at the others for a moment]

GUIDO: She here?

LIONEL: Upstairs.

GUIDO: Fuck me. Here. Take this.

[GUIDO passes his jacket over the bar. It’s covered in blood]

GUIDO: Stick it in the incinerator.

LIONEL: What’s your last slave die from again?

GUIDO: Just do it cobber.

LIONEL: Yes Sir. Anything else?

GUIDO: Right. Good.

PAN: You’d better get up there. She wants a word, Guido.

GUIDO: Good. I’ll go up then.


GUIDO: I’ll see you boys later.

LIONEL: See you then.

[GUIDO retreats up the stairs]

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