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No, I haven’t seen the much vaunted show at the STC, and not least because the ticket prices for such event theatre are prohibitive to freelance creative writers. But also because I have been flat out undertaking developments, submissions, scriptwritings and unfolding of master plans, drafting of business plans and splitting myself into many pieces. I’m not sure if de Bono has a rotating hat stand, but I could sure use one.

In any case, August being the thirteenth month of the blog I had intended to post up some retrospective thanks to the readers and friends who have kept me going… No chance. I glanced at the page and realised the last post was the half-finished review of Measure for Measure (which accidentally went up when I hit ‘publish’ instead of ‘save’ at the top of a production planning meeting. Oops. I did manage to round out the closing of the piece so it made some semblance of sense. But apologies to subscribers who got a post in the emails that sort of finished mid-sentence.

It was a strange month, in which I have seen a few excellent shows (including A Thing Of Beauty – currently showing at the Fringe Festival); witnessed the hilarious aftermath of a couple “going at it” in the front row of the Old Fitzroy during a performance of The Schelling Point. They then proceeded to rock up to where the cast were hanging out after the show and congratulate their work. Cast, unimpressed, gave the couple a slight-what-for and demanded a round of drinks. Lesson of the day? Reserve your snogging for the back row…

There was that Gogol-esque unfolding of limp political will, ending in such farce as to make two-party democracy fail so spectacularly that resuscitation from the independent sector gave us more election night drama than we had bargained for. You couldn’t write this stuff. Meanwhile, during the campaign, the words ‘National Cultural Policy’ barely rated a whisper in the dark mid shrieks about ‘sustainable populations’ or stopping the boats, despite how closely these things might relate. Of course it might be disingenuous of me to suggest that a National Cultural Policy has anything to do with who, how or where people live, either way – the arts seem to have nothing to do with any of it whatsoever. Except that now it’s in the same portfolio as ‘Regional Development’ – which makes for some interesting implications. But I digress.

It was a month where much was seen and done, and barely anything written in the shape of a review or response. A month where I failed to read a single review of Scott Pilgrim vs The World which didn’t give away half the visual gags, and in my disconsolate state have resolved to turn some of my attentions to the various self-promotional ‘online film reviews’ found everywhere you look on twitter. These seem to be breeding in such a way that ‘reviewing’ a film involves listing cleverly how many obscure film-related facts you can quote without really relating them to content. But clever quips on twitter are like grains of sand in the universe and to hunt them all down for reckoning would take up what precious scriptwriting time I have left.

And that’s been the real distraction, among other things – actual writing has been undertaken. Huzzah! As such I am shifting the focus of the blog away from reviews, comment and criticism to a more personal distribution of the writing work I am doing that (I hope) will bring more value to the page. Of course, there will still be Critic Watch, and the usual snarkyness at the state of funding and playmaking as I see fit, but you can look forward to (or groan at the prospect of) excerpts and chapters of ongoing script and creative work to be released regularly in what might be classified if this were a superhero comic as: 5THWALL YEAR TWO.

That is all for now. First excerpt next week.

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“the glasses where they view themselves” WRAP: Kicking Down Doors

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  • 1. James Waites  |  15/09/2010 at 9:53 pm

    Congrats on yr longevity and good writing xxJW


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